4.0 x Freeek Worked En4cer with Torch

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Part of Eric Ross’ En4cer series comes a collaboration with the og triple og Freeek.  This rig is hot!  Based off of a GTT torch, the mouthpiece is the torch portion, featuring wig wag sections as well as a removable flame dabber that sits comfortably in the mouthpiece.  With two of Freeek's dotstack implosions on either side of the torch, this piece is easy to get lost in for hours.  Inside the can is all the necessary items, your propane and oxygen tanks.  These act as the diffusion system with slits on the bottom side of both tanks, delivering a smooth hit every time!  Fitted with a 14mm male joint, it comes with a matching wig wag dome.


Eric Ross (4.0) can be found @eross4point0 on Instagram

or at http://www.4point0glass.bigcartel.com/

Freeek can be found @FreeekGlass on Instagram

Length: 6"
Width: 5"
Height: 9.5"
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