Friday the 13th Group Show

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Friday the 13th Group Show

Friday the 13th


This DOCtober, the 13th happens to fall on a Friday! What better way to celebrate the date than here in the world capital for Halloween: Salem, Massachusetts?!


On Friday, Witch DR is proud to present a group show focused on all things Halloween featuring Peter Muller & Zach P live from our in-studio torches.


“Friday the 13th” will feature over 60 artists coming together to craft their own interpretation of Halloween.  Each artist has been given full reign to interpret that however they see fit & we expect to see a wide range of art present at this show.


Along with the group show submissions we are proud to be displaying Peter Muller’s “Portraits and Dwellings” series which will be on display in our gallery for the entire month of DOCtober.


All Friday the 13th submissions will be on display for the general public to check out from 11am-5pm on Friday.  During this time any potential buyer will be given one wrist band.  Wristbands can be claimed in shop between 11 am - 5:30 pm day of show.  Each wristband will be assigned a number which will be written on the wristband.  We will use a random number generator to figure the order of entrance and start lining people up outside by our Ward Street entrance at 5:30 pm.  This system keeps things fair and will allow all purchasers to remain inside during the demo without having to sit outside to hold their spot in line all day.   Purchasing will take place that evening starting at 6pm.  We will be using the same pull tab system for this show.  Each submission will be accompanied with a accessible tag that states the artist, title and price.  Prices are non-negotiable once pulled. Pulling and possessing a tag is a commitment to buying.  Please refrain from pulling a tag if you are unable to purchase at the listed price.  


Participating Artists:


Abigail Castagnaro, AKM, Amani Summerday, Amber Cowen, Annealed Innovations, Beak, Bhaller Glass, BirdDog, Bug, Beak, C-Graz, C2Mach, Chad Bro, Chaka, ChemDog, Chris Hubbard, Christian Otis, Cowboy, Coyle, Danny B, Danny Camp, Darby, Devadita, Don Chile Ortega, Engelmann Brothers, ET Glass, Ethan Windy, Firefly, Gateson, Goliath, GPS, Hickory, Hollinger, Jamie Burress, Jared Reed Vai, Jerry Kelly, Justin Barr, Jolex, JOP, Kayla James, Kovacs Glass, Kurt B, Liberty503, Malaquias, Mateo Gonzalez, Mike Luna, MTP, Nectar of the Goats, Niko Cray, Oblivious Glass, Pakoh, Peter Muller, Rob Morrison, Rone Glass, Ryno, Salt, Samson, Sarita, Seath Glass, Sherbet, Sherlokholm, Steve Sizelove, Tammy Baller, Treso Queso, Tyme, Vibe, Voorhees, Zach P, Zii, Zink


If you have any show related questions please email