Mothership Glass Drop

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Saturday, September 23rd Witch DR is proud to present Massachusetts' first Mothership Glass drop.  All Mothership pieces will be on display for your viewing pleasure in our gallery for Friday and Saturday (September 22nd-23rd), before becoming available for purchase at 8 PM on Saturday evening.  For any patients looking to make a purchase from this drop you must be at the shop between 7:30 and 8 PM on Saturday.  At 8 PM we will be locking the doors and starting the raffle.  The raffle is free to enter and will dictate purchasing order for this release (ie first raffle ticket drawn will get first pick, second raffle ticket drawn gets second pick, and so on).  Purchasing is limited to one functional piece and one accessory, while supplies last.  Once every raffle ticket holder has had a chance to make their selection we will go through the order again, should anyone want to purchase another item from the drop.


Photo Courtesy of Mothership Glass