Portraits & Dwellings by Peter Muller

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Peter Muller's Portraits and Dwellings series will be on display for the entire month of October at Witch DR
All photos by Jeff DiMarco (@IamJeffDiMarco on Instagram)


Portraits and Dwellings

By Peter Muller


This collection explores transitions between utility and imagination.  The work combines mindful design of a functional device with a healthy dose of creativity, until the lines between use and art blur.  


I am inspired by the idea of a functional piece being able to travel, to be shared with others and then to have a resting place, a “home”.  The shadowbox format creates that “home” providing not only a display location, but also additional characteristics for the artwork.  When the entire collection is viewed, one may see the narrative thread extending beyond individual pieces to others in this series.


In the fall of 2016, the initial idea began as a solo glass project.  The concept expanded in scope when Eric Jones, a multi-media artist, joined my creative effort.  Over the course of several months as I developed the characters and stories, Eric designed the display boxes enabling my vision. Each piece’s personality developed further with collaborative input and skills from a number of talented glass artists.  Teaming up with creative minds from all over America and as far as Japan helped me to animate this evocative collection.


The experience of working in this collaborative style and environment opened doors to new roads of inspiration to explore with my craft.  The journey continues...


I hope you enjoy the show!


Peter Muller

Muller Glass

Guilford, Vermont




This collection is inspired by black and white photographs and paper cut silhouettes of old days.


#1 Daniel

Functional piece collaboration with Danny White.  Light box display by Eric Jones.



#2 Cedric

Functional piece collaboration with Zach Puchowitz.  Light box display by Eric Jones.



#3 Emily-Margaret

Solo functional piece.  Light box display by Eric Jones.





Hearkening back to days of dioramas and shadowboxes, this series joins the beauty of a functioning piece with a display home for when not in use.  Each box is specifically designed to enhance the story of the character, while also providing a safe location for appreciation by others.


#1 Home Sweet Home

Solo functional piece. Dwelling box display by Eric Jones.





#2 Harvest Time

Functional piece collaboration with Danny White.  Painting by Danny White.  Crate by Jeffrey Chevalier.  Dwelling box display by Eric Jones.



#3 Wooden

Functional piece collaboration with Jakey Marten.  Dwelling box display by Eric Jones.



#4 Collector of Hearts

Solo functional piece.  5 heart pendants made by Sakibomb Hackysacky,Kim Thomas, Paul Nelson Doty, Joshua Opdenaker and Peter Muller.  Dwelling box display by Eric Jones.



#5 Oni and I

Solo functional piece.  Marble by Yoshinori Kondo.  Balloon by Chris Ahalt.  Dwelling box display by Eric Jones and Lauren Welsch.




#6 Late Night Potty Training

Functional piece and glass details collaboration with Zach Puchowitz. Lightshade by Zach Puchowitz. Dwelling box display by Eric Jones.



Progression of Function

Collaboration with Josh Bernbaum.  3 piece wall mount, non-functional.  Further exploring the boundary between function and art, this collection coincided with the creation of the “Portraits and Dwellings” series.  This set celebrates and maintains the visual form of smoking devices while removing the functional aspect completely.  It is an homage to the amazing community of functional glass artists whose work deserves to be in galleries.  Talented glass crafters all over the world are expanding the limits of functional pieces; ever mindful of utility while also making art.  Another expression blurring the lines between visual delights and functional form.



Collaboration with Jen Violette and Danny White.  Soft glass, non-functional.


All photos by Jeff DiMarco (@IamJeffDiMarco on Instagram)


Artists Involved:


Peter Muller - Muller Glass - @MullerGlass - VT


Eric Jones - Jones E Designs - @Jones.e.designs - VT


Danny White - Ethan Windy Glass - @Ethan_Windy - WA


Jeffrey Chevalier - Better Wheel Workshops - @BetterWheel - VT


Zach Puchowitz - Ouchkick - @Ouchkick - PA


Jakey Marten - Blitzkriega - @Blitzkriega - CO


Sakibomb Hackysacky - @Sakibombhackysacky - CA


Paul Nelson Doty - Mandella Glass - @MandellaGlass - CO


Josh Opdenaker - JOP! Glass - @J_Opdenaker_JOP - PA


Kim Thomas - Zii Glass - @iroczii - PA


Chris Ahalt - Chris Ahalt Glass - @Cha_Glass - MN


Yoshinori Kondo - Yoshi - @Yoshinorikondo - Tokyo, Japan


Josh Bernbaum - JMB Glass - @JoshBernbaum_Glass - VT


Jen Violette - Jen Violette Glass - @JenVioletteGlass - VT