Chemdog OG LG Hammer

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An OG in the game, Chemdog creates classic pipes.  These hammers are built to last, and incorporate several milli slices ranging from cartoon characters to grateful dead stealies.  Eat a grilled cheese and puff in style with a Chem Dog hammer.


  • Glass Artist: Chemdog
  • Dimensions of Pipe: L:5.5" / W:2.0" / H:3"
  • Dimension of Bowl: Width 1.0" / Depth .75"
  • Bowl Style: Funnel
  • Location of Carb: Left Side
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made in USA

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*How Pipe Dimensions are Calculated

image showing how hammer hand pipe was measured
(L) Length = Maximum Length
(W) Width = Widest Point
(H) Height = Maximum Height
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