Justin Carter "First Quality" Class 2/25

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First Quality Class

February 25th, 2018



Justin Carter


Course Description:

In this 8-12 hour workshop Justin Carter will be demonstrating the techniques needed to work with color and achieve first quality final product for the following:


Flame Setting

Coil Pot

Stick Stack





Justin will be going over technique extensively and is looking to help improve your execution with color while fielding questions you may have during this workshop.  


Food & beverages will be provided.



Justin Carter was born in Roanoke, VA. He started blowing glass in 2009 in Blacksburg, VA and is currently living and working in Richmond, VA. Through collaboration, competition, and teaching Justin has traveled the nation working with glass. By drawing inspiration from classic venetian shaping and modern wooketry, Justin creates works that are highly refined, functional ceremonial objects.

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