Mayoral Quartz 31mm XXL Flat Top Banger 14mm Male 90 Degree

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Made in Delaware, these flat top quartz bangers are great for use with your favorite directional flow cap. A deep bucket allows proper space for your concentrate to vaporize properly over an even surface, for maximum optimization of your concentrates. A 4mm extra thick bucket base assures excellent heat retention.

Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Mayoral Quartz
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 90 Degree
  • XXL 31mm Bucket *
  • 4mm Extra Thick Bucket Base for Extensive Heat Retention
  • Highest Quality Control Standards in the Industry
  • Domeless
  • Made in Delware, USA

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*Banger Bucket Size Comparison (in mm) 
Quartz Banger Size Comparison Chart
One USA inch = 25.4mm
| Jesus Sahagun 03-09-2017 20:38

Hands down the best quartz on the market! This is a true work of art that you have to see to believe function/Heat retention is amazing and the build quality is superb, pictures do it no justice. This is just what the doctor ordered!

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