Witch DR 18mm Clear Funnel Slide Bowl w/Handle by PC

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In-house made and durable, these slides have a handle on the side to allow for easy use as well making it harder to drop. This design helps keep the bowl burning so you don’t have to constantly re-light.  


About the Artist

PC has been blowing glass since 2002 when he took up an apprenticeship at Smoke Rings in Seabrook, New Hampshire.  PC is co-founder of Witch DR and has been on the torch since opening our doors in 2012.  His inside out lattachino spoons are well known around the North East for their high durability, functionality and amazing aesthetics.   Alongside Treso Queso and Phil Todisco, PC is a core member of our Witch Dr Studio, operating 7 days a week in our shop, which is located at 109 lafayette St in Salem, Massachusetts.  PC can be found @janitor_dr on instagram

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