Witch DR Clear Ball Head Dabber by Treso

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In-house made and durable, this dabber cap combo is made by Treso Queso.  With a sizeable ball on the end, you are able to cap 16mm-20mm bangers with ease.  

| Adam Cissom 04-10-2017 17:40

Awesome piece!!! They really did an outstanding job on this one-and you really can't beat the price!!!

Nice solid construction, the size fits nicely in your hand, it doesn't feel flimsy when dealing with more solid materials, the rings REALLY help you hold on if you have butter fingers like me, and it's pretty hard to see in pics but it has a GIANT roll stopper on the side, also the marble work great as a cap for my regular 16mm and my XL 24mm Hoyes bangers.

Hope this helps someone-it really is a great piece-it's almost impossible to find American made quality for this kind of price.

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