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Jay Luetjen Glass Blunt #4


This one of a kind piece has already sold.  Displayed here are the archived item listing and photography. At patient request retail price at time of sale not shown.

Glass Blunts by Jay Luetjen are composed of two pieces; the glass blunt chamber and a removable mouthpiece. With the mouthpiece removed and the glass blunt chamber filled you are able to get the chamber lit and smoke as a traditional blunt.  When the pack starts to ash, simply insert and push the mouthpiece forward.  This will ash the bowl leaving a fresh pack underneath at which point you may remove the mouthpiece or leave it inserted in the chamber and continue smoking via the mouthpiece.  

Jay’s mouthpiece design places the intake along the side versus the top which limits the amount of hot ash or other debris making its way down the mouthpiece,  offering a cleaner smoking experience.   The design also limits clogging of the mouthpiece when inserted into the glass blunt chamber.  This pipe is fumed and features multicolor accents.

Features & Specifications

  • Glass Artist: Jay Luetjen
  • Glass Blunt Chamber
    • Dimensions*: L:3.75" / W:0.75" / H:0.75"
    • 3mm thick glass walls*
  • Mouthpiece
    • Dimensions*: L:4.625" / W: .375"
    • 3mm thick glass walls*
  • Weight*: 1.5 ounces
  • Glass Blunt / One Hitter
  • Location of Carb: No Carb
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made in USA


*How Dimensions are Calculated

image showing how chillum hand pipe was measured
(L) Length = Maximum Length
(W) Width = Widest Point
(H) Height = Maximum Height


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