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Betula Birch LOG JAM 'Batch of July' Chillum Giveaway Witch DR Studio

This giveaway offer has sold out - Winner to be drawn Tuesday July 14,2020 @ 10:00am EST via Instagram. Thank you for your support!



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With each piece purchased as part of this 'Batch of July' Giveaway we guarantee you will receive a piece from the 25 pieces pictured in this listing.  However we can not guarantee which specific piece you will receive. Feel free to leave any friendly suggestions in the notes section when you complete your order and the doctors will see what we can do.
Be aware that at 4:20pm EST today Friday July 10,2020 all remaining chillums from the Batch will also be available in store for purchase as part of our giveaway.

Chillum Features & Specifications

  • Glass Studio: Witch DR Glass Blowing Studio
  • Glass Artist: Kevin Engelmann x Kieth Engelmann Meaggalodon
  • Frosted / Sandblasted Sections by Meaggalodon
    • Frosting gives glass a matte finish resembling sea glass
  • Accented with attached 'stump' rollstopper / kickstand
    • prevents chillum from rolling on flat surfaces
  • Average Chillum Dimensions
    • L:3.0" / W:1.25" / H:1.25"  1.0 ounce

  • Average Bowl Interior Dimensions: 
      • W:0.5" / D:1.0"

  • Glass Chillum / One Hitter / Onie / Dry Pipe
  • Single Hole Push Bowl
  • Location of Carb: No Carb
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Handcrafted in Salem Massachusetts

Bong Features & Specifications

  • Studio: Witch DR Glass Blowing Studio
  • Glass Artists: Kevin Egelmann x Treso Queso x Meaggalodon
  • Frosted / Sandblasted Exterior by Meaggalodon
    • Frosting gives glass a matte finish resembling sea glass
  • Bong Dimensions: L:4.5" / W:4.0" / H:14.0"
  • Birch themed sections and bowl slide are Sandblasted
  • Fully Worked Caramel Base
  • Glass Thickness: 4mm
  • Tube Diameter: 44mm
  • 18mm Female Joint at 90 Degrees
  • Fixed, reinforced Downstem
    • Features Witch DR iconic 'Rx' logo etched in relief
    • Three Hole Reinforced Inline Perc
  • Includes Matching 18mm Male Slide
    • Glass Artist: Kevin Engelmann
    • Accented with (1) attached Handle
      • allows for safer handling of bowl slide
    • 4 Hole Glass Screen
    • Bowl Dimensions: Height: 2.125" / Width: 1.75" (with handle)
    • Bowl Interior Dimensions: W:0.75" / D:1.0"
    • Weight: 0.9 ounces
    • Custom Joint
      • Features Witch DR iconic 'Rx' logo etched in relief
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Straight Neck
  • Glass Bong / Tube / Water Pipe
  • Handcrafted in Salem Massachusetts

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