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Witch DR™ Gift Cards

For In Store and Online Purchases

Choose Your Design, Gift Amount, Personal Message and More

We are only offering Email Digital Delivery of Witch DR™ Gift Cards at this time

Our Witch DR™ Gift Cards can now be used for both in store and online purchasesAny remaining balance is carried over and available for future purchases.

Gift them to friends, family, yourself or even strangers. We offer multiple delivery options from 100% digital (sent via email) to Witch DR™ Branded Printed Gift Cards and Gift Boxes delivered by USPS (coming soon).


Using a Witch DR™ Gift Card online is easy, you don't even need an account with us (use 'Guest Checkout' Option).  On checkout enter your Gift Card code in the discount code field.  As with in store purchases any remaining balance will be available for future purchases online OR in store.



We also offer discounted Group Gifting programs for our vendor partners, wholesalers and just about everyone else; including Co-Branded Gift card designs and Unique offerings!

Is your group Interested?  Email Witch DR™ today [email protected]

Gift Cards FAQs


 ? Can I order more than one Gift Card at a time?
Yes but not using the online form above.  If you are interested in a Group Gift Package call us today 1-xxx-334-5555 we'd love to discuss available options and discounted pricing with you.

 ? Once I have used up all funds on my gift card can I add more funds
No, that Gift Code and card are no longer usable.

 ? Can I use more than one gift card CODE on a single order
Yes for in store purchases you can redeem multiple cards; for online purchases you may only apply one Gift Card CODE per order

 ? Does my Witch DR™ Gift Card CODE ever Expire
As long as Witch DR™ is serving patients your card will be accepted, online or in store

 ? Can I combine multiple gift cards into one new Gift Card CODE

 ? Do I have to apply ALL my available GIFT CARD funds to my order?
NO - When you purchase in store you can request exactly how much of your available funds you wish to apply to your current in store purchase. 

YES - ONLINE When purchasing online our automated system will spend as much of your available funds as it can including paying any shipping costs based on the final value of your complete order to create a zero balance due on the order. Any remaining funds will be available for future purchases.



Using your Witch DR™ Gift Card for an online purchase? It's as easy as 1,2,3 ...4

Once you complete your Witch DR Gift Card purchase; emails will be sent to both you and your gift recipient's email



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