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Weekend Schedule of Events 

August 20th

11-2pm the entire collection of Amani Summerday’s “ANOTHER SUMMERDAY” will be on display for the general public for their viewing pleasure.  Initial purchases from the show are reserved for the BUYER’S 


This portion of the show is reserved for ticket holders and their guest.  This is NOT a public event.  

August 21st

From 2-8pm Amani Summerday and Danny Camp will be lighting up the DR’s in-shop studio.  The remaining options from the previous day will be available at first come first serve basis.  Doors open at 11am.  

Multiple raffles will be going down on Sunday starting at 6pm.  Raffle tickets will be available all day.  

Buyer’s Passes for ANOTHER SUMMERDAY now available

Each pass gains you and a friend admittance for the private buyer’s hours.  Once all 40 ticket holders have been attended to your guest will have the opportunity to purchase themselves.  Guest’s purchasing order reflects ticket holder’s order.  Your $100 Admission is credited to purchases made within the show.

W h a t     T o       E x p e c t  

From 4-8pm we will be having a meet and greet with Amani Summerday and other attending artists.  

Food, cold beverages & live music by Ceschi, ESH & ARC & DJ Noel Snow will all be present. 

Giveaways: all attendees will automatically be enrolled in multiple drawings, Which will be taking place during the show. 


P u r c h a s i n g  S c h e d u l e

Purchasing will begin promptly at 4:30pm with or without you. 

Tickets will be mailed to you direct.  The tickets will reveal where each buyer falls in-line for purchasing order.  This order is determined by the order of passes purchased.  Example: first person to purchase a pass gets first pick, and so on.  These tickets will be used on our end to organize different portions of the show so please have them present.  Once buying starts we will be using both text messaging and updating our ON DECK board to communicate where we are on purchasing.  Out of courtesy to all attendees please make yourself available when your turn is called.


Please contact drdr@witchdr.com with any further questions regarding “Another Summerday” 




Open Daily 11AM - 8PM