BUG 'AstroBOT' Terps & Exp 50 Jammer Dab Rig

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This BOT is full of TERPS by Glass Alchemy and Northstar’s Experimental 50. A first of it’s kind as BUG just began adding his new asteroid elements to the exterior of these classics, seen here on the arm. IF you’re a fan of purple rain you’ll enjoy viewing it’s brain. This 2018 creation is signed and dated by the creator himself. 

Features & Specifications

  • Glass Artist: BUG
  • Signed and dated by artist on bottom
  • Dimensions*: L:3.25" / W:2.0 / H:5.75"
  • Weight: 7.25 ounces 
  • 14mm female joint 90 Degree Angle
  • Fixed diffused downstem
    • open stem 2 Hole 'Pig Snout' diffusion
  • Nail Not Included
  • Hand Ground glass joints
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Mouthpiece (opening in top of head)
  • Made in USA

*How Dimensions are Calculated

image showing how dab rig was measured
(H) Height = Maximum Height w/o nail
(L) Length = Widest Point w/o Nail
(W) Width = Width of Base


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