Rye Solo Tube #7

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This item is a one of a kind piece that has already sold (JAN 2018).  Displayed here are the archived item listing and photography. All prices shown are relative to time of sale.

This Piece is #7  in Rye's Solo Tube series.  This tube features a Nightshade base and is #3 in this style.  This rig has been aggressively cold worked with several different sections of dremel carved images.  Rye outdid himself on this tubes.  The immense amount of detail shows his passion and dedication for his art.  This piece has a 10mm removable downstem.

Photo by @iamjeffdimarco on Instagram

Features & Specifications

  • Dimensions*: L:3.5" / W:2.875" / H:7.0"
  • Made in USA


*How Dimensions are Calculated

image showing how bong was measured
(H) Height = Maximum Height
(L) Length = Widest Point w/o Slide
(W) Width = Width of Base


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