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SOLD Chad Bro Potion V2.0 Terp Trunk with Black Handle


This piece has already sold.  Displayed here are the archived item listing and photography. At patient request retail price at time of sale not shown.

The highly anticipated V2.0 Terp Trunks by Chad Bro Glass! Made from CFL reactive Potion, this cap will change from a translucent black to dark purple under a Fluorescent bulb.  Designed to fit most style bangers, troughs, grails, thermals, and more, Chad’s directional airflow carb caps are not only the best functioning, but the most versatile! With Terp Trunks, you get MORE from your concentrates, at LOWER temps!

To read more about Chad Bro Glass and view our Chad Bro Glass Collection click here

To view our Chad Bro Glass Collection click here

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