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Evan Shore XL Banger 10mm Male 90 Degree 25mm Bucket

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Evan Shore Bangers a.k.a. Bangarangs are handmade in the USA of American GE214 Quartz glass and are considered to be some of the finest quartz bangers on the market today. Available in 16mm, 25mm and 35mm Bucket sizes.

Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Evan Shore
  • 10mm Male Joint
  • 90 Degree
  • XL 25mm Bucket *
  • American GE214 Quartz
  • Domeless Dab Rig Nail
  • Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA

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*Banger Bucket Size Comparison (in mm) 
Quartz Banger Size Comparison Chart
One USA inch = 25.4mm
| Adam Cissom 10-11-2017 07:26

My new favorite banger!!!!

So I had been doing a little research on bangers and decided this would be the next one I tried. I have been using Hoyes bangers up until now, and I really liked them a lot-you can read my review on those as well: 10mm male 90 XL, 14mm male 90 XL, 14mm male 90-16mm bucket. Like I said I love my Hoyes but this Evan Shore takes the cake!! Heat retention is like no other, over a min cool down time after torching, and keeps going for WAY over a minute after you drop your concentrate.

One of the main reasons I like my Hoyes so much is they had more airflow than any other-or so I thought. The Evan Shore, even being a 10mm has absolutely NO restriction. The bell bottom shape also helps cut back on down neck waste-I have yet to blow anything down the neck of mine, which is something I definitely can't say about my Hoyes.

Last but not least, this is definitely the place to pick one up. I honestly don't believe there is a better customer service team out there!! They are NOT the type of people to take your money and disappear. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers leave satisfied, and with all of the knowledge they need to make educated purchases.

Hope this helps someone!!

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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