HVY Glass 11" Mini Beaker Bong 38MM Fumed w/ slide & removable downstem

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Kick it old school with a classic beaker bong by HVY Glass. This bong has a sandblasted HVY logo, as well as a removable downstem and bowl in addition to three pinch ice catcher. A multi slit downstem creates proper diffusion allowing for a smooth and flavorful hit. This bong features fumed accents and a three pinch ice catcher.

Features & Specifications

  • Brand: HVY Glass
  • Glass on Glass
  • Bong Dimensions*: H:11" / L:5.5" / W:4.75"
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Tube Diameter: 38mm
  • 14mm female slide joint @ 45 degrees
  • Removable 6-Slit diffused downstem
  • Removable 14mm male slide
  • Single hole funnel bowl
  • Bowl Dimensions*: W:1.0" / D:0.75"
  • Borosilicate / Scientific Glass
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Straight tube
  • Made in California

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*Each glass water pipe is handcrafted and subject to slight variations in overall size and exact appearance.

How Bong Dimensions are Calculated

image showing how bong was measured
(H) Height = Maximum Height
(L) Length = Widest Point w/o Slide
(W) Width = Width of Base


How Bowl Dimension are Calculated

(W) Width = Widest Point
(D) Depth = Deepest Point

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