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Directional Carb Cap Clear by Mass Pipes


This one of a kind piece has already sold.  Displayed here are the archived item listing and photography. At patient request retail price at time of sale not shown.

Spin your concentrate and savor the flavor with a directional carb cap by Mass Pipes.  Made in Massachusetts, these caps are portable and durable.

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| Adam Cissom 10-11-2017 17:32

Pretty nice cap for the price!!

This cap fits 16 mm and XL buckets, but you do have to pay attention when using with XLs-if you push to one side there is a small gap-so maria needs to be a tiny bit bigger for XLs. But for the price you really can't complain!!

It has a pretty big hole at top, which can be restricted with finger, and the bottom hole is also in a good location, so that you get the most control of your oil. It seems to be very well made, nice solid construction, and dosent feel like it would shatter if I did drop it.

It's no terp trunk but it's an awesome cap for the price-you're not going to find garbage China caps much cheaper than this-and this one is made with right here in America.

4 stars based on 1 reviews
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