All Quartz Bangers

Outside of your rig of choice, a quartz nail is the single most important accessory needed to vape. When it comes to dabbing we believe quality concentrate deserves quality quartz.

10mm M 45 10mm M 90 10mm F 45 10mm F 90
11mm F 90 12mm M 90 14mm F 45 14mm F 90
14mm M 45 14mm M 90 18mm F 90 18mm M 90
Inserts Buckets & Swings All Quartz


Here at the Witch DR we stock a variety of domestic manufacturers. These brands in particular are recognized for their quality and consistency, which is why we personally use them and offer them to our customers. We believe there is dramatic difference in quality between import options & quartz sourced and made in the United States.

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