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E.F. Norris Green Full Size Lego Body


This one of a kind piece has already sold.  Displayed here are the archived item listing and photography. At patient request retail price at time of sale not shown.

This lego style rig is a unique offering from Philly glass artist E.F. Norris. This piece features a green to blue fade body, as well as a black base. This solid base gives the piece extra weight, making it harder to knock over. Included with this rig is a dropdown and a dome, giving you the option to use a regular nail or go domeless. No matter what smoking style, this piece is a must have for any collection.

Features & Specifications

  • Glass Artist: E.F. Norris
  • Dimensions*: L:3.5" / W:3.5" / H:6"
  • 10mm male joint
  • 90 degree angle
  • Fixed downstem
  • (1) multi-hole downstem diffuser
  • Includes matching dome
  • Includes matching drop down
  • Nail not included
  • Slide not included
  • Scientific glass joints
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Flame polished mouthpiece
  • Straight neck
  • Made in USA

*How Dimensions are Calculated


showing how dab rig was measured
(H) Height = Maximum Height w/o Nail
(L) Length = Widest Point w/o Nail
(W) Width = Width of Base
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